Archive for March, 2010

As dawn breaks, the threatening clouds of yesterday’s storm are replaced by the brilliant blue of a fresh new day.

The Rosetta Stone came to yesterday, as this multi-lingual mockingbird perched atop his Tower of Babel and called in every language you could imagine.



Some forsythia gone wild calls out and invites me to explore what else may lie in the woods.

A busy red-headed woodpecker has his Saturday breakfast at his favorite diner.

The fuzzy magnolia buds of only a week ago…

Now have me perched on the edge of my chair in anticipation.

More yellow than green, the river willows begin to glow with the newness of the season.

The river was swollen and the muddy banks made walking a challenge, but this pair of mallards thought it was just ducky!

All puffed-up and proud, a little Black-capped Chickadee serenades his future mate.

Want to hear him sing?  Click Here!

Planted long ago by someone unknown, a tiny snowdrop pushes through the sticks and leaves of a year gone by and shines on the riverbank as a promise of the return of life.