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Mr. Cardinal announces his reign to the world.  Never mind that his nest is two trees away, hidden deep in the branches.

From a bee’s-eye view, the common dandelion is uncommonly beautiful.

No need to water the flowers after this little guy created his own jacuzzi in the birdbath!

He paused and posed for a moment of drying and then went on his way.  No dirty birds here!

The full moon of May peeks through the lilac leaves and brings light to the night.

When you take a bee’s-eye view, is it any wonder that they love the simple clover?

From red, to white, and finally to pink, the last variety of peony brings complicated simplicity to my garden.

Seeds nearly burst from their holding place as they wait to take flight.

Of silky petals and bursting color.  Clematis climbs the fence post and colors its world.

As the sun slips toward the horizon, it leaves the evening clouds glowing with the last light of day.

Hold a buttercup under your chin.  If your chin glows with a yellow reflection, then it’s true — you do!