Archive for June, 2010

Some take root, and others like these land on the pavement and captivate us with their wispy beauty.

The Fall crop of acorns really does grow on trees!

The Strawberry Moon — full moon of June — hangs framed by oak leaves in the morning sky.

The Rose of Sharon has such abundant pollen that Mr. Bee will be taking work home with him tonight.  Do you suppose his hive-mates will shake him at the door and make use of it all?

But the sun says good night in magnificence, too!

An errant seed from last year’s plant finds soil on its own and surprises us with pink beauty among the tomato plants.

How thankful we are for the work of the honeybees who carry the pollen that calls fruit to life.

Boils in the sunrise and becomes the humidity of the afternoon.

Beautiful now, and tasty later on.  Squash flowers certainly do brighten the garden!

The Solstice sunrise burns through the trees and announces the arrival of the longest day of the year.