Archive for August, 2010

A lovely Blue Monarch stops by for a fruity lunch.

The cool, crisp night air paints horizontal stripes in the warm morning sky.

But the goldfinch likes the color of these zinnias; and he comes to perch and sway and eat their seeds.

Mrs. Catbird warns an encroaching cardinal to keep his distance from her nest.

Still hanging in the sky at dawn, and capturing the first rays of the rising sun.

Just before the sun goes down, a maple tree reaches out and snags the last bit of daylight.

A busy bee pauses for refreshment on a peppermint flower.

Green Corn Moon — the Full Moon of August — hangs majestically in the clear night sky.

Black walnuts hang among the branches and herald the approach of Fall.

If tomatoes were people, who would this be?  Brad Pitt? Brooke Shields?  What do you call tomato perfection?