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Yesterday’s clouds are today’s torrential rains.  Flood Warning!

After a long, dry summer, September finally brings buds to the Moonflower vine.  Will it be the last bloom of summer?

An acorn, some Fall leaves, and some blown — still green — by the wind.  And so summer ends; and so Fall begins.

The brilliant pink zinnia bridges the seasons from summer into fall.

The apples of Fall invite us to pick them and savor their sweetness.

The early Fall breeze has the clouds, and the trees dancing for joy against the bright blue sky.

Even as the flower fades, her beauty shines through and embraces the change of seasons.

But the full moon as well.  Shine on, Full Corn Moon!  Light the first hours of Autumn.

The sparkling stream and warm Fall day entice us to take off our shoes and walk on the glistening rocks to see what lies around the bend.

Not Mr. Jay…he’s enjoying his morning breakfast of seeds.