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Happy Halloween from the little house in the woods.

A little spider’s handiwork glistens in the morning dew.

I will catch you if you fall.

As if placed there by the artist’s hand, a tiny yellow leaf becomes the centerpiece of nature’s own still life.

Only an hour after receiving a drawing of a Great Blue Heron from my friend, Mary, this one appeared on the shore of the pond.  Magic?  You decide.

Sit chatting on the wire at the start of a clear Fall day.

But the dahlias hold onto their summertime glory.

How cold is the morning?  How fat is the robin, as he spreads his feathers and wraps his own body head around himself like a blanket.

There is no carpet so luxurious and thick as the one made by Autumn leaves that blanket the forest floor.

As Fall arrives, the days grow shorter, but the Harvest Moon lights the night sky with its splendid glow.