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May your dreams for 2011 all come true.

Another black and white winter day is ushered in by a false promise of color.

Why am I thinking, “neapolitan?”

Oblivious to the cold, a little junco perches in the bare-branched pear tree against a background of winter sky.

Stripes of color struggle to be seen as the snowy wind blows.

As we await the start of the promised snowstorm, our minds drift to warmer climates.

Just for today, when we look at the dried seeds of winter, may we see the lovely flowers they contain.  Merry Christmas to all!

Who could resist the beauty and potential in the seeds that promise another year of growth?

Its beautiful flowers a memory, the Rose of Sharon stands stark and brown as winter approaches; but its seeds hold the future and the blooms of next season.

Soon to be eclipsed by more than clouds, the last full moon of 2010 glows behind the trees.