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Their memory lifts my spirits as I hear that more snow is coming our way.

I think he’s really a Willet, but every time I snapped his picture he was scratching under his wing.

Mr. Robin puffs out his chest and serenades any ladies who care to listen.

Bathed in sunlight, these tiny pine cones take on a whole new glow.

A fallen twig gives us a close-up look at the tiny blossom of the red maple tree.  Beautiful!

As day and night share equal time, an early morning walk treats us to both at the same time.  Over my right shoulder, the moon of night:

Over my left, the first light of dawn.

The rising sun of Florida burns the sky with a fiery intensity unknown to Pennsylvania until the height of summer.

But Mr. Squirrel sure knows how to enjoy the sun!

The Cardinal of Spring rules from the highest perch and sings his red-feathered song for all the ladies to hear.

As Spring calls the buds to burst into leaves.