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The king of the pear tree shows his colors in the setting sun.

The Japanese Maple gleams golden in the setting sun.

Like the scent of lilacs in April.

Not all change occurs with a bang.  Some are whispered in the delicate corners of the world and barely are noticed.

When is a weed not a weed?  When it’s a vibrant, yellow dandelion!

A magnificent magnolia display arrives just in time for Easter, but the very first leaves foreshadow the final transformation.  Soon the pink tree will be all green.

Sensing my presence, the little downy woodpecker pauses from his breakfast to give me a look.

Satisfied that I pose no threat, he digs in once again and continues his feast.

In a matter of days, they will fall and leave the tree to its summer foliage; but for the short time they bloom, the magnolias epitomize Spring.

The sun calls to life all that could possibly be on a perfect morning like this.

Is a Goldfinch!  Courting his lady in the next tree.