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Mother Nature paints the start of a brand new day.

These vibrant flowers capture the sunlight so completely that they seem to radiate themselves.

As friendly as they are beautiful, these little birds delighted us on our visit to the Atlanta Zoo.

Merry, merry king of the bush is he!

The trunk of a tree can be a great place to hang — and it makes for a beautiful addition.

Never missing a beat or coming to a complete stop, best buddies share a quick secret about the game they play and then resume their adventure.

Two beautiful Rose of Sharon blossoms shake off the Georgia dew.

The lovely monarch waves her wings to her admiring subjects as they pass by her garden.

Mr. Butterfly stops to sip a mint julep as he works his way to the flower bed.

This brazen bird swooped in before the show at Sea World and entertained the crowd by stealing a whole bucketful of fish that was supposed to reward the dolphins.  He gives this restaurant a rave review!