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As the final drops of rain spatter here and there, the sky lights up with the promise of a sunny day to come.

The crisp green clover of summer shares the ground with the fallen leaf of autumn.

Leaves may be falling, but this tiny flower didn’t get the memo saying summer is over.

The storm cracked its limb and forced removal, but the heart of the tree reminds us that when something is lost, something new and wonderful will take its place.

As summer hands the world over to autumn, we drink in every blossom as though it might be our last.

Time to rest after a job well done.

The vibrant green of summer and the first leaves to fall sit on the edge between life and dying.

Count the rings.  See how fleeting time really is, as one gust of wind erases years of living.

A fallen tree opens the ground and reveals a portal to hidden worlds.

Too heavy with dew to be lifted by the breeze, the dandelion waits for the sun’s warmth to do a flight check.