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Before the storm, the gray sky begins to gather, silhouetting the oak leaves as they await the rain.

After 8 inches of wet snow took down limbs and cut power, we still have a beautiful view from our window this morning.

Evicted from its home on the oak tree, a solitary red leaf clings to a sapling before its end comes on the damp Fall earth.

Even the skeleton of the Queen Anne’s Lace flower is beautiful as it shivers in the Autumn breeze.

Fluffing their feathers against the cold, the doves seem other-worldly as they perch on the bare-branched tree.

The poplar seed’s sharp nose plants it neatly as it falls.

Only the sky brings the pastel pinks and purples to an Autumn morning.

No artist could have chosen a finer palette than these oak leaves in transition.

And which one is caught — the rainwater in the leaf, or the leaf weighed down for decay by the water?

The tiny yellow thistle flower goes to seed, still tipped in its lemon hue.