What, you may wonder, would possess me to take a picture of my worn living room rug?  I suppose it just looked particularly beautiful that day, thanks to the magic of light passing through a crystal and showing its true colors.  It is said that the best things in life are free; and when it comes to rainbow time, I think my children would agree.  For the twenty-four years that we’ve lived in our home, we’ve taken advantage of our picture window with the eastern exposure by hanging a crystal from a piece of fishing line so that the rising sun will send its rays to light our lives with color.  I remember days when my little ones would spot the phenomenon and leap and dance around the room shouting, “It’s RainbowTime!  It’s Rainbow Time!”  Couldn’t we all use a little beauty in our lives, especially the kind that’s free?  Give it a try!  All it takes is an inexpensive piece of cut glass, a suction cup with a hook, and some fishing line.  What it will show you is that there is magic in the world — real magic — and it doesn’t cost a cent.  If you don’t believe me, just ask my kids!